Jonathan closes our sermon series, Finding Yourself in God’s Story, with this message from Revelation 1.

“It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (and I feel fine).



“We even become violent and hateful because the unconscious knows, ‘this is not who I am.’ And ‘this is not who we are.’ Thus, rage anger and disappointment have become widespread in Western People. They show themselves in isolated individuals who pull out a gun and shoot – secularism is a lonely and desperate project. We cannot live a disconnected life with negative judgmental and violent thoughts in our hearts. We protest that we never do anything dangerous with these thoughts. But the trouble is they do something to us. They leave us separate, isolated and therefore false to ourselves and eventually false to others.” – Richard Rohr, Everything Belongs.

“The fundamental perspective of the book is the exhortation to endure persecution on the basis of the transcendent reality of God’s kingdom in the present as grounded in God’s control of the future.” – Grant Osborne

“Revelation is by common consent one of the most difficult of all the books of the Bible. … Modern readers find it strange. They are moreover not usually attracted by fantastic schemes of prophecy which some [interpreters] find in it, and whose ingenuity is matched only by their improbability.” – Leon Morris

“Revelation is a prophetic book not because it tells of the future (it does, but this popular understanding of the word prophetic is not the criteria for prophesy in the Bible) but because it is the word of God spoken directly into the world, specifically into the Church. John, the author of the book, clearly understood himself to be standing in line with prophets in the Jewish Scriptural tradition. John is here pronouncing the fulfillment of the prophecies that God gave to Hebrew prophets in the past, as seen in and through the person of Jesus. And he is concerned not simply with future events, but with how God’s word will impact the Church in the immediate present.” – Aaron White

““This book more than any other book I know gives us the most comprehensive portrait of Jesus Christ ever. And when we read this book the way it is intended to be read we encounter Jesus in such a way that he overcomes our fears and ignites fresh passion and courage.” – Darrell Johnson