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The Practice of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a practice in which you engage with a spiritual director who offers space and time for you to discover personal answers and new questions. Conversation and listening, in the context of your lived reality, invite direct encounters with Christ.

Through a spiritual direction relationship, God’s presence and leading is discerned in an individual’s life in an atmosphere of quietness, stillness and prayer.

The role of spiritual director in this process is to listen, to affirm the quest for meaning and to give priority to questions over answers so that the other can express and live what is truly happening in their spiritual journey. The directee is invited to be still, be centred, and be willing to share their recent experiences of God in their life – in prayer practices, through relationships, in nature, in Scripture. During spiritual direction, directees learn to pay attention to the presence of God in all parts of their lives.

Why is it important?

Spiritual direction holds an important place in the life of the church because it encourages us to a deepening relationship with God that:

  • is grounded in the whole of our lives
  • awakens us to the reality of our actual and lived spirituality
  • reveals the images of God we hold
  • creates room for correcting or refining these images of God
  • teaches the gracious act of Christian hospitality through community


Frequently Asked Questions

What could I expect during a first session with a spiritual director?
Like all relationships, at first we explore “fit.” This will be an opportunity to meet in person for an hour, talk about your spiritual journey and how you see God moving in your life. You will have a chance to discern how safe, comfortable and ready you are to begin meeting in this atmosphere of prayer. After meeting initially you have the opportunity to go away, reflect and pray. If you’d like to return for further sessions you can correspond to set up a next date and time.
Does a spiritual direction session cost anything?
There is no set cost for a spiritual direction session yet we would encourage an offering or donation to support the ministry of Boundless Vancouver.
Is a spiritual director a counsellor?
While spiritual direction and counselling are both helping services and ministries, there are distinct differences between the two. While counselling is usually focused on an issue/problem/crisis with a goal of gaining health, the focus of spiritual direction is on noticing, paying attention and praying with a goal of becoming more like Christ. A counsellor will act as a facilitator and a spiritual director will act as a listener and a pray-er.
How long is a session?
In general, sessions are limited to one hour and time is kept by the spiritual director (you don’t need to be concerned about time keeping). At times, a session may be shorter if together the directee and director sense that all that needs to be discovered, discerned and prayed in the time together has been fulfilled.

Meet Carla

Carla is gifted in discernment and compassion. She attends to your feelings, longings and experiences carefully and with sacred awe. Carla asks guided questions to help you discover their interplay with God’s movement on your journey.

Carla offers safety, security, companionship and clarity as she journeys with others. She has an MA in Spiritual Formation with a focus on Spiritual Direction and participates with the community of learning, Soul Stream. She has completed “Living from the Heart” and continues with “The Art of Spiritual Direction.” Carla wakes up early to exercise, gets her family going in the morning and works at Boundless Vancouver as a Spiritual Director and Operations Manager. She adores her three children, Jedidiah (13), Jael (12) and Zoë (9).

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