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Easter Reflection: Why did we Kill Jesus?

Why did we kill Jesus? We killed Him because we think we know the truth when, in fact, we are blind. Jesus fulfilled the roles of prophet, priest and king yet the people of his day were blind to this truth and rejected him to the extreme of killing him on a cross. The... read more

Infinitum Gathering

Infintum is a way of life. Those who take hold of the vision of following Jesus use two virtues – loving God and loving others; and three vows – surrender, generosity and mission. This intentional way of following Jesus is upheld with a unique rhythm:... read more

Donate to The Salvation Army this Christmas

Boundless Vancouver exists to make followers of Jesus who share His boundless love with Vancouver. With your prayers and financial support, we have seen that happen. We have truly discovered God’s heart displayed behind The Salvation Army shield. On behalf of those that have found hope and God’s love, we thank you for your generosity.

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The Book of Revelation

Because Revelation is a pastoral circular letter, we have to take the actual circumstances of each of these churches seriously, and cannot just assume that the messages to the churches are written to us.

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